Today's small to medium size businesses are faced with many challenges. Critical software applications are crucial to a company's survival and success. Communication and collaboration applications allow companies to share real time information with clients, employees and vendors worldwide. Security and business continuity applications protect and back up vital data. Without these necessary tools, it's tough for a company to grow let alone survive. Unfortunately, due to substantial start-up costs and the necessary investment in specialized IT staff, traditional software deployments options are unavailable to SMBs.

With industry-leading business applications from GreenAppX, solution providers can help their customers compete in a global marketplace while significantly reducing their expenses. With convenient month-to-month subscriptions and premier 24 x 7 customer support, you can now provide your customers with best-of-breed applications from industry leaders including Microsoft, Intel, EMC and Cisco. Your customers' applications and data are available anywhere, anytime from any Internet-connected device. With on-demand applications from GreenAppX, you'll help your customers reduce their expenses while providing critical core services that allow them to more efficiently manage their business.

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